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Mediation is the best possible approach to conflict resolution because a neutral third party works to find the best possible solution for both parties. To act as an effective mediator, one must gain credibility with all parties by possessing the experience and expertise needed to evaluate the case and reviewing the facts of a case and necessary documentation. In most cases, even the most comprehensive mediation sessions may be completed within hours rather than months or years of heated and protracted litigation. Thus, it may serve the interests of both sides to consider mediation as an alternative to trial.

John Alton’s career as a trial lawyer has been equally divided between representation of plaintiffs and defendants. He has tried cases arising out of motor vehicle collisions, construction accidents, attorney malpractice, medical malpractice, insurance coverage disputes, premises liability, architects and engineering malpractice and business litigation. Both plaintiffs’ and defendants’ attorneys have retained John Alton as a mediator due to his experience and balanced perspective.

While permitting the lawyers to function as advocates on behalf of their clients, mediation affords the parties the opportunity to play a meaningful, significant role in attempting to resolve their dispute. Even when a case does not settle, the mediation process can lay the groundwork for future productive discussions regarding resolution of a case. It is essential that the mediation be conducted by an impartial, experienced trial lawyer who takes control of the process, but permits all sides to have a say in the outcome.

The success rate of John Alton as a mediator is greater than 80%. If you are considering a mediation as a possible means of resolving your client’s claim or lawsuit, please contact John Alton.

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