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Birth Trauma In Columbus OH

At The Law Offices of John M Alton Co, LPA, we know that insurance companies tend to be uncooperative following a birth trauma claim made by a victim. They work with their Columbus area prosecutors in order to get plea bargains or dispose of the cases entirely. We work twice as hard as their lawyers and with our 25 years of experience we can come up with the right birth trauma case legal plan for you.

Birth trauma laws and regulations differ from state to state, which means that if you have been injured in the Columbus area, you need to speak with a knowledgeable birth trauma attorney. When The Law Offices of John M Alton Co, LPA takes on your case, we work to uncover every detail in order to ensure the best results for your situation.

With 25 years of experience, The Law Offices of John M Alton Co, LPA has extensive knowledge in dealing with birth trauma defendant attorneys and know what impacts their decisions. We search for relevant evidence in your case that we know will impact the settlement offers of Columbus area defendants. 

Time is a precious commodity in all birth trauma cases. The Law Offices of John M Alton Co, LPA is prepared to begin work on your case immediately before any rights are lost or relevant evidence is destroyed.  Our ability to spring into action in birth trauma mattes is one thing that contributed to our good record. Over the 25 years we have practiced law, we have taken many cases to court in Columbus courts and won more than we have lost. Call us using the below information to put that reputation to work for you through and schedule a consultation:

The Law Offices of John M Alton Co, LPA
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