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  • John M. Alton

Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Circleville OH

Here at The Law Offices of John M Alton Co, LPA we have a major focus on getting the right settlements for our Circleville clients. You need to be able to pay off your bills that have come up due to an accident, and we always put up our hardest fights for spinal cord injury cases in order to make sure you will be able to.  

The Circleville attorney you trust to handle your situation should have familiarity with local spinal cord injury cases. They need to know how to negotiate with insurance companies or other Circleville lawyers. 
They also need to know how to present a spinal cord injury case in front of a jury. At The Law Offices of John M Alton Co, LPA, we have the knowledge needed to successfully work on your spinal cord injury legal proceedings and help get justice for your injuries. 

If you are looking for a Circleville personal injury lawyer, you’ll find the right resource in The Law Offices of John M Alton Co, LPA. A spinal cord injury can strike a person in a wide range of accidents, and when it does, it can completely alter your life forever. We are Columbus personal injury accident lawyers that can help, and we are known as an ethical, hardworking firm that gets results in personal injury cases like yours.

At The Law Offices of John M Alton Co, LPA we promise to take care of every legal issue associated with your case, which means that you can put 100 and 10 percent of your focus on getting better and recovering from your injuries. We work to carefully gather and evaluate all the evidence in your spinal cord injury case. Our spinal cord injury council will file all the necessary documentation, and The Law Offices of John M Alton Co, LPA will represent you throughout the entire legal process. If you have been the victim of a spinal cord injury contact The Law Offices of John M Alton Co, LPA at (614) 221-6751 today. 

The Law Offices of John M Alton Co, LPA
1071 S. High Street
Columbus, OH 43206
(614) 221-6751

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