“You were awesome. A wise man told me what makes us great as advocates is also our downside- like the Greek with the bad heel.

We needed to help this women grieve. As lawyers, our mission is to minister to all, not to those who from which we can make a dime. I have lived that motto. You have that touch; that is why we got this done.

Many, many thanks.”

-Plaintiff’s counsel post mediation on 12/12/17

“Defendant agreed, at the very last minute, to mediate. Defense counsel and I are in Cincinnati, clients and co-counsel are in St. Louis. I recommended John Alton as the mediator – defense counsel agreed.

John was able to make room on his schedule on VERY short notice [less than 1 week]. I know he spent CONSIDERABLE time on the phone with my co-counsel and reviewed the substantial materials both sides submitted.

One reason I wanted John was that I felt the need for someone with significant trial experience in major cases on both sides of the fence. My client’s spouse was a business lawyer and I felt he would either take over the negotiations or look to someone stronger [and independent] for guidance – John has a background that impressed the clients and provided that strong guidance throughout the course of the day. They came to trust his judgment.

After a long day of negotiations we appeared to be at a serious impasse – I drove back to Cincinnati from Columbus and was on Expedia the next day looking to book a hotel in Newark for a two week trial.

After some discussions, John was able to craft a mediator’s proposal which he submitted to both sides. Each side was given orders to simply to Accept or Reject the proposal by the deadline John set.

Without John’s input and guidance during the long day of mediation, they likely would have rejected it outright. We were very happy when the defendants also accepted the proposal. We are putting the final bows and ribbons on the confidential settlement now, but the client sent me an email saying my choice of John as the mediator was “brilliant.”

I’ve always had high regard for Mr. Alton’s legal talent – I was extremely impressed with his ability to “read” the room, both rooms, and develop the rapport and insight needed to guide this difficult case [with a problematic cast of characters] to a reasonable resolution. I would certainly highly recommend John as a mediator in a difficult case!”

-Steve Magas

“We are completely satisfied with the result. Thank you for keeping us informed throughout the entire process. We don’t know how you work on stressful cases like ours on a regular basis.

We are genuinely grateful for your services on our behalf and proud to be a client of yours.”

– Greg and Lauren Sankey

John represented me after a terrible car accident caused by an individual with state minimum insurance coverage. I was air-lifted to the hospital where I was rushed into surgery to repair several life-threatening internal injuries. I spent over two weeks in the hospital and another week in a nursing/rehabilitation facility before I was able to move home. My recovery has been no less than miraculous. Unfortunately, since the individual did have state minimum coverage, my medical expenses were not even close to being covered.

John immediately understood the situation, and was able to negotiate with my medical insurance company, my automobile insurance company, the hospital and medical care providers to get everything taken care of for me with minimal effort on my part. His experience and knowledge allowed him to handle the legal and financial portion of my ordeal while I concentrated on recovering physically. Without his help there is no way I would be where I am. My wife and I are so thankful and appreciative of John’s efforts on our behalf.

– Chad Dilbone

John Alton represented my son Justin in a case arising out of a car-bicycle collision which made him a quadriplegic. He was lucky to survive. The driver of the car had only $12,500 of insurance coverage. John Alton also sued the City of Columbus arguing that the City’s failure to repair potholes on Williams Road in Obetz contributed to cause the accident. After almost 7 years of fighting against the City, the case settled for $1.3 million which provides my son with money to assist with his many needs.

Justin and I are very grateful for John Alton’s assistance and persistence throughout this long ordeal.

-George Crabtree

“Thank you for all your hard work and efforts on my case. I appreciate the high level of communication and your wisdom. I could not have found a more qualified, knowledgeable lawyer to handle my case. ”

– Vicki Spicuzza

“John represented us following a car accident where an individual ran a red light, making our Jeep Grand Cherokee a total loss, and resulting in multiple injuries to Kim.  One would think that the process would be straightforward given the clear fault of the other driver who was cited for running the light.  Unfortunately the entire process was anything but straightforward.  Thank goodness John was there for us throughout!

John understood all of the ins and outs of the situation and thoughtfully explained the subtleties throughout the entire ordeal.  Things were further complicated by the nature of injuries to Kim’s neck and jaw resulting in headaches, muscle pain, etc.  John always focused on 1) Kim’s recovery and healing as well as 2) a fair settlement.  He was always quick to return calls and e-mails, answering a multitude of questions.

We are confident we received the best settlement possible and it confirmed something we said to each other many times “I’m glad John is on our side!”

– Kim and Brad Hauser

“I hope your client is happy with the settlement. You did a magnificent job for him in maximizing his recovery. Working with you on this case was a pleasure. I wish everyone in our profession represented their clients as effectively and as professionally as you.”

-Opposing Counsel

“You left no stone unturned. Normally, I am able to find a crack to penetrate on behalf of my client, but I was unable to do so against you.”

-Opposing Counsel

“Thanks for providing me the opportunity. I never expected a guarantee, but you have at least given me an honest positive outlook vs. pure rejection. This took all the right players and they had to be ultimately led by a talented conductor. You have done my family well.  Thanks again for everything.”


“You did a terrific job of mediating this case and controlling the environment. Your clients should be very pleased.”


“You did a very good job for your client on this serious injury premises liability case. It was going nowhere before you replaced the previous lawyer.”

-Opposing Counsel

“You did a fine job as a mediator, particularly in your preparation, and I will not hesitate to recommend you.”

– Attorney for a party re service as Mediator

“Mr. Alton went over and above our expectations for assisting us while you recover. He did this as a courtesy to you, which he stated you have been long time friends. I also feel he did it to help us, as he understood that we have been though a lot in the last year and knew we coming close to our filing deadline. This type of kindness and professionalism speaks volumes to his character not only as an attorney, but as a good human being.”

-Potential Client