Birth Injuries & Brain Damaged Babies Columbus

John Alton understands both the medical and human aspects of birth-related injury cases. Birth injury lawsuits arise when babies are injured before birth, during birth, or after birth by the negligent acts of a doctor, nurse or other healthcare provider. John Alton who has decades of experience on both sides of the fence knows that the results of birth injuries are devastating to families both emotionally and financially. Birth complications are one of the leading causes of infant death and disability. John Alton has a passion for this work, compassion for his clients, and extensive experience and success with these cases. His extensive resources, including a network of medical professionals with whom to consult to assist in evaluation of the merits of these cases, increase the likelihood of a positive outcome for birth injury clients.

Pregnancy complications and birth injury claims include the following:

  1. Cerebral palsy
  2. Hypoxia
  3. Fetal distress
  4. C-Section mistakes
  5. Erb’s palsy
  6. Preeclampsia
  7. Uterine ruptures
  8. Wrongful death of infant
  9. Wrongful death of mother

John Alton represents the families of babies who have been significantly injured due to medical negligence at or around birth. Medical professionals are not likely to admit they made a mistake. Ask John Alton to help you obtain compensation for birth injuries to your brain damaged baby.

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