Mediation Reviews

“John did an outstanding job mediating a complex and highly contested medical negligence case. He was thoroughly prepared and was very effective working with the clients/counsel to obtain a resolution. One of the best, if not the best, mediators I have worked with in 38 years of practice.”

John Holschuh

“John Alton did a tremendous job as a mediator in a significant personal injury case. John was extremely well prepared for the mediation. He seemed to know the case as well as the attorneys handling the case. He worked diligently with both sides and helped us reach a settlement in spite of several complicating factors. I am confident that everyone involved came away satisfied that John handled the mediation without any bias for or against either party. He spent the time and effort with both sides to bring the case to a satisfactory resolution. I would recommend John to mediate any major or complex personal injury, professional negligence, or product liability case. ”

Michael Rourke

“This was my first experience working with John as a Mediator. I could not have been more pleased with the insight and amount of effort John put into this matter. The issues in the case presented some unique challenges and although the case did not resolve at the initial, formal mediation, John remained actively involved with the parties for well over one year and through his efforts, was finally able to get all parties to agree upon a global settlement that made sense for everyone. He will certainly be on my (very) short list of preferred mediators going forward.”

David R. Grant

“John is always well prepared and works incredibly hard to achieve a fair and just settlement for all parties involved.”

John A. Lancione

“Mediation with John Alton is more than a legal process. It\’s a human experience. John is skilled, principled, and effective and I recommend John without any reservation, whatsoever.”

Steven M Goldberg

“Defendant agreed at the very last minute to mediate. I recommended John Alton as the mediator – defense counsel agreed. One reason I wanted John is that I felt the need for someone with significant trial experience in major cases on both sides of the fence. My client’s spouse was a business lawyer and I felt he would either take over the negotiations or look to someone stronger (and independent) for guidance. John has a background that impressed the client and provided that strong guidance throughout the course of the day. They came to trust his judgment.

After a long day of negotiations we appeared to be at a serious impasse. After some discussions John was able to craft a mediator’s proposal which he submitted to both sides. Without John’s input and guidance during the long day of mediation, plaintiffs likely would have rejected it outright. We were very happy when the defendants also accepted the proposal. My clients sent me an email saying my choice of John as the mediator was “brilliant”.

I’ve always had high regard for Mr. Alton’s legal talent. I was extremely impressed with his ability to “read” the room, both rooms, and develop the rapport and insight needed to guide this difficult case (with a problematic cast of characters) to a reasonable resolution. I would certainly highly recommend John as a mediator in a difficult case.”

Attorney for a party post-mediation

John Alton is an ideal mediator for complex personal injury and medical malpractice cases because of his extraordinary experience with both sides of these cases. He is a consummate professional and gentleman and I strongly recommend him.

Martin F White

“I had a very contentious case. Our client had significant injuries. The defendants felt they had a winner of an argument to prevent liability entirely – possibly even to win on summary judgment. I recommended John Alton to the defendant as a Mediator and the Mediation proceeded with cross motions for summary judgment pending. As a highly skilled trial lawyer John was able to cut through the arguments, assess the risks as a true litigator, assess the needs of the parties, and make recommendations that worked. Without John we would not likely have resolved the case. With John we were able to reach a compromise that both sides could live with. I highly recommend John Alton as a Mediator!”

Steven Magas

“In 35 years of practice, John was in the top 5 mediators I have worked with.”

Kevin McDermott

“Mr. Alton did a great job on a case I really didn’t think would settle, but with his assistance did. I put him up there with the top few mediators in the state.”

Sky Pettey

“Well prepared for the mediation and took the necessary time to work through all of the issues to get the parties to reach a settlement.”

Tom Prislipsky

“John is an outstanding mediator. He is always extremely well prepared. He handled a lot of important matters with the parties well in advance of the mediation. He stuck with it until the case was settled. John it top notch. Highly recommend.“

Jessie Reiter

“John is an outstanding mediator.”

William Davis

“Have Worked With/Against John For Over 35 Years. Top Notch Professional. Great Mediator. Highly Recommend.”

Jeffrey M. Lewis

“John did a fine job as a mediator particularly in your preparation, and I will not hesitate to recommend John”

Attorney for a party post-mediation

“John is an exceptional mediator. I have used him a number of times and always found him to be insightful, fair, and committed to the process.”

John Reagan

“John is an extremely hard working mediator who values a successful resolution. John pushes both sides in an effort to bring the matter to settlement without further litigation time and costs. I strongly recommend John as a mediator for personal injury cases.”